Tyson Durfey, What Goes into a World Champion

I couldn’t believe World Champion Tyson Durfey agreed to do this interview! I had to read his message twice to make sure!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post of the year, 2020. Let’s start it off on a high! Today’s interview is with someone you probably know if you have watched the NFR in the last decade! He is the 2016 world champion Tie Down roper, Tyson Durfey.

When I was trying to find people to interview for the NFR I messaged a lot of people with not a lot of replies . . . which I fully expected. They are busy getting ready for a very important rodeo of their career. But the fact that Tyson got back to me and had enthusiasm to do this interview was amazing and I am very thankful for it! (It actually makes my day so much!).

Side note . . . this blog was supposed to go out the last day of NFR but I had some technical difficulties in Vegas. Tyson actually did the interview before the NFR but I thought you guys would still enjoy it!

I should also mention he is a Canadian Finals Champion too (which I find pretty cool). If you don’t already you need to follow him on Social Media! I watch his story almost every day on Instagram and he is very encouraging but tells it like it is (which we all need let’s be honest).

This interview is amazing on the detail he gives about the questions and I enjoyed editing it so much. I hope you enjoy reading it . . . so enough of me talking let’s get to the interview already!

Interview with Tyson Durfey

1. When did you buy your pro rodeo card and what inspired you to do so?

I got my pro card in 2003 and my life long goal was to make the Finals. That is really what I wanted to do, make the National Finals Rodeo. You know I was 18 and I couldn’t wait to get rolling and really the inspiration of making the finals and making a living roping calves was in my mind and really what I wanted to do!!

2. You have had a lot of success in rodeo, what keeps you hooked on calf roping all these years and where does your drive come from?

You know I have had many motivations over the years for roping calves and keeping me hooked. In the beginning it was for my love of the game and what I wanted to do and be as successful at it as I could. Since then it has transformed into not only just roping calves but to create a movement or a life style out of being a calf roper. What it could look like for me if I did it long term, plus I just love the game.

It is something I just love to do and to meet the people, not just the fans, but the people you meet in every city and every state across America, truly keeps me hungry. Watching my girls, they love to see me rope. Watching them grow, its’ something we can do together as a family so that stuff just keeps me hooked and wanting more.

3. How did it feel to be the 2016 Tie Down Roping World Champion and what was going through your mind when you were presented that Gold Buckle?

Honestly when I was underneath and they said I had won the world it was just a shock to me. I didn’t know points, I didn’t know what had happened. When they handed me the buckle, underneath sitting there with it, I just started crying. It was one of those experiences that I had to rely on my faith to get it down. I didn’t think I was good enough by myself and I felt like God dropped it into my lap for a reward for all the years of hard work, dedication and focus. I literally cried for like 10 mins and the first thing I did when I went out on the stage is raise the gold up. This gold belongs to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is two life goals achieved for me. One for me and one for my Dad so it was a pretty cool moment.

4. Pressure situations are a part of rodeo. How do you handle the pressure and your nerves before big runs?

One of the techniques I use to handle the pressure is when I am practicing, I am making that run at the rodeo mentally. I am at the National Finals mentally and I am in the 10th round of the NFR and I have to produce to win a world championship. I put myself in that position so many times in the practice pen and going to smaller events and stuff like that. Now I don’t even feel pressure anymore. I believe pressure is something you put on yourself because of prizes and notoriety. I just refuse to let that pressure fall on me. I just don’t expect it. I just perform to the best of my ability and whatever happens happens.

5. What’s one thing that contributed to your very successful rodeo career both in the National Finals Rodeo and the Canadian Finals Rodeo?

The one thing that contributed to my success is multiple things, but the main thing is I always rode great horses. I always had horses that worked good. I have always had horses that maybe didn’t work great for other people but I was able to sharpen them up and able to train and get them working amazing for me. I spent the first 20 years of my life training horses and riding horses with my father. Learning those lessons at a young age really helped me out.

Since this blog was longer because of the detail, which I love, it will be released in two parts . . . so you will just have to stay tuned for this Wednesday to read the rest!!

Who do you want to see in future interviews to let me know click here!!

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