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Starlight Quarter Horses will always hold a special place in my heart!

Hey everyone, this week’s blog is special to me because it is an interview with Starlight Quarter Horses. One of my coming 5 year old’s, Sierra, who I have had since a baby, is the first foal crop of their stud Frenchmans Fuego!!

I am very excited for 2020 and what it holds . . . but anyways on to the interview with Starlight Quarter Horses!

They are own and operated by Kelly and Michelle Atcheynum. They have some really nice horses for your next superstar!!

Side note . . . I love doing interviews with breeders because their pictures are so so cute!! Warning cute pics below!!

Enjoy the interview!!

Starlight Quarter Horses Interview

1. When did you start breeding horses and what got you into it in the first place?

We started breeding horses in 2000. We got into breeding because we love horses and barrel racing. It is very expensive to buy top quality prospects now a days so we decided to try and produce them.


2. What is your current stud? How is he bred and what drew you to those bloodlines?

Frenchmans Fuego and he’s Frenchmans Guy/Fire Water Flit bred.  We were drawn to those lines because it’s all proven barrel racing lines through and through. We feel that these too lines will sell themselves in today’s market.


3. I know it’s hard to pick one but what’s one of your favorite mares over the years?

My favorite mare right now would have to be TCR Drifting Frost. She is a beautiful Sun Frost bred buckskin and a great producer.


4. What things to do you look at to see if it is good cross between a mare and a stud?

The first thing I look for is the conformation of the mare and stallion. I want them to complement each other. I really like crossing the proven barrel racing line with running quarter horses. This will give you the speed of the running lines and the turning power of the barrel/working lines.


5. What do look you look for in your foals?

The first thing I look for in the foal is the conformation. Is the foal straight and does it have good bone. Does the foal have a good eye as the eyes tell you a lot in regards to disposition of the foal. I also like pretty horses if possible, as pretty sells.


6. How does it feel to watch your young ones grow up and have career with other owners?

We are very proud to see our foals be successful with other owners. We want to produce pro quality horses for barrel racing as well as roping.

7. What have your babies been excelling at and where have they been going?

The oldest foal crop of Frenchmans Fuego are turning 5 in 2020 so they will be just starting to compete. They look very promising and the owners are very happy with them. Very excited to see what their future holds.


8. What do you think separates a great horse from a good horse?

The thing that separates a great horse from a good horse is heart. A great horse will give you everything they’ve got to please you and be competitive. They will have that little extra speed and stamina that will make them winners.


9. How can anyone contact Starlight Quarter Horses with any questions or to check out your babies?

You can contact Starlight Quarter Horses through Facebook or our website www.starlightquarterhorses.com or cell 1-306-441-1064 for baby information.

Thank you Starlight Quarter Horses for that great interview!

If you are looking for a prospect give them a call or check out their website!! They have the blood lines to give you the speed and agility you need!!

Here is my girl Sierra when she was a baby and her today!!


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Happy trails!

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