Scott Guenthner Wrestling his Way to the Top

Scott Guenthner is a professional Steer Wrestler . . .best of all he is Canadian!!

Hi everyone! It’s the second interview in the NFR Series! How excited are you? I know I am! Once Scott agreed to do this, I started to do some research for my questions! I found out he went to Lakeland College which is cool for me because that is where I went to school too. Little fact about me!

Scott Guenthner is a back to back Canadian Champion and 2x National Finals Rodeo Qualifier! To see more of Career wins click here!

He has a young family and lives in Alberta!

I am excited to interview someone in an event in rodeo that I don’t know as much about!

As I am writing this (after round 3), he is sitting 5th in the world! I wish him all the luck in the rest of the rounds at the NFR!

Now enough of me blabbing on, lets go to Scott Guenthner’s great interview!

Scott Guenthner Interview


  1. When did you first buy your pro card and what was your goal or dream when you started?

2012 I bought my full card! Goals were to make CFR and win a Canadian Championship!

2. How do you stay in a good mindset all year?

I keep a good mind set all year by not letting the little things bother me and going run by run and rodeo by rodeo! And knowing that everything at home is looked after perfectly by my family!

3. How do you come back from having a bad run whether it is from one rodeo to the next or at finals like the CFR?

The rule I have about having a bad run is I have five minutes to pout and be mad about the run and figure out what I did wrong and then get over it and move on! There is always another steer to run!

4. How does it feel to be the back to back Canadian Steer Wrestling Champion?

It feels pretty surreal to have won the Canadian Championship once let alone twice and back to back! And winning it with a brand new baby even added more to it this year!

5. What is your game plan for the 2019 NFR and how are you preparing for it?

My game plan for NFR is to just go have fun and do what I know how to do! Don’t over think anything and go at every round! Each round is its own rodeo here at NFR! So much money on the line! I don’t go overboard with preparing for finals, I just practice a couple times a week is about all! Don’t really change up anything to how I did things all year!

6. What is going through your mind before you nod your head?

To be honest not a lot I kind of blank out! Try and see how I want to score the steer right but I do a lot of nodding and then pulling to get out!

7.What are some important characteristics to be a great steer wrestling horse? What is your main mount like?

Have a big heart a lot of try and speed! And be able to read and watch cattle! I have two horses I ride a lot, Rooster who is owned by Bridger Chambers and Tyson who is owned by Curtis Cassidy!

8. How do you balance having a young family and rodeo?

Having a young family and rodeoing is a lot more work and a challenge than you think! For me family comes first, then rodeo! I try to go home and see family as much as I can and whenever I’m near home I will go home for a quick visit or even a night!

9. Who is your biggest supporter and anyone you want to thank?

My family is my biggest supporters! But I also have a lot of friends that support me as well! I am very fortunate to have a very big and wide spread base of supporters! I would just like to thank all my family and friends for all they do for me and lastly my sponsors! CVS Controls, Crone Herefords, Benoit Oilfield Construction, Remedy O.S.L, Lakeland College, and Cinch Jeans and Shirts!

10. What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a pro rodeo career?

Practice and hard work go way further than just talent! Nothing is going to happen overnight. It takes time to get to the top! Follow your Dreams and set goals for yourself of what you want to accomplish each year! And lastly don’t let bad runs and the little things wear you down and make you have a bad attitude!


I would like to thank Scott for taking the time to do this Interview.


You should take note on how he handles the rodeo trail because you can be as talented as you want if you can’t handle the ups and downs you sadly won’t make it very far! He is good a putting the pass run begin and looking forward to the future! 

*If I only took one thing from this interview it would be that!*

Lets cheer on Scott Guenthner the next 7 rounds!

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See you guys in the next blog!!

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