Maddi Stoltman Leveling Up in Barrel Racer Life

Maddie Kempf, well I guess Maddie Stoltman now (just got married last year) . . . is a crazy barrel racer (in my books that is a compliment) that has big dreams and has not let fear stand in her way!!

Hey Horse Lovers, welcome back to this week’s blog with Maddie Stoltman. Maddi is a barrel racer that has her own YouTube Channel (Barrel Racer Life) and owner of Level Up Apparel.

I originally contacted her about if she wanted a reading done and you know when you contact people off the internet you never know if they will be the same person as on Social. . .

But I am so happy to report she is extremely nice and honest and is the exact same as she is on her vlogs every week!

Since then we have been in contact (hopefully one day we will get to meet each other) and I was so excited she agreed to do this interview!

She is one to watch out for in the future . . . hope you enjoy this interview!!

A little bit about Maddi . . .

My name is Maddi Stoltman (formerly Maddi Kempf). I’m a Canadian barrel racer from BC, Canada and I now reside in Ellensburg, WA. I am a semi-professional barrel racer, with big dreams!

I just recently purchased my WPRA Permit and am venturing into the Professional Rodeos for the first time this year. I have my sights set on competing at the NFR and winning a world championship!

Most of my days revolve around my horses and barrel racing and my clothing company called Level Up Apparel. I have a vlog I post weekly (on Tuesdays) called ‘Barrel Racer Life’ documenting my journey from the start as an amateur barrel racer to achieving my dreams at the pro level!

My life mission is to inspire people to chase their dreams while I’m chasing mine, and to spread love and kindness. I aim to leave everyone a little better than I found them!

Interview with Maddi Stoltman 

1. When did you start your YouTube Channel Barrel Racer Life?

Going on three years now!

2. What was your biggest challenge with starting Barrel Racer Life?

Getting out of my own dang head. I had an ongoing loop of

“I’m not good enough of a barrel racer to start a barrel racing vlog, why would anyone watch me anyway?”

and a variety of similar concerns. It took me awhile but eventually I realized you don’t have to be the best in the world to share your journey!

3. Is there any cool experiences that have come into your life because of your channel?

Actually quite a few! Firstly it’s the coolest thing in the world to run into people who watch my YouTube videos…I’ve met people in different states and countries because of them watching my vlog and that is just plain awesome in itself.

I also had a TV producer contact me because they came across my YouTube channel. I ended up getting to work on a TV show called ‘The Grand Tour’ (it’s a show with the guys from Top Gear and they travel the world and do different car related things!). They wanted to test these SUV’s and race them thru a barrel pattern, time the cars and also have a barrel racer run thru and see if they could beat the horse.

I was lucky enough to get to be cast as that barrel racer, and what a fun experience that was! It’s on Amazon Prime, Season 2 Episode 10 called ‘Oh Canada’ in case you’d like to see my five minutes of fame.

4. Who do you plan to run at rodeo’s next season and tell me a bit about your 4-legged superstars?

I’ve got a pretty cool herd of horses! I have a few colts, but the two stand outs I have that I’ll be running this year are Claude (VF Born For Glory) and Jada (Inheritthejudgescash). The cool thing about them is that they are quite opposite of each other, which actually works out well because I can pick and choose which arena is better for them to run at!


Claude is a giant, I call him the giraffe. I actually haven’t measured him yet this year but he grew once again and must stand somewhere around 16.2-3. He’s just coming 7, he’s bred to the nines (I wish he was a mare so he could have babies!).

He’s freaky fast

and because of his size does really well in big pens and isn’t fazed much by deep ground. I never worry if I’m the 10th girl out on the ground at a rodeo when I’m on him, he just powers thru it like its nothing. He is a big chicken though (honestly scared of EVERYTHING) so that is his only downfall as a rodeo horse! Ear plugs have been a godsend when it comes to rodeo perfs!


Jada on the other hand is little (don’t tell her that though) and is a complete spitfire. She is extremely fast, especially for her size. When I went to try her before I bought her I was worried I wouldn’t be able to ride her because she’s so small! I’m 6ft tall and often feel top heavy on small horses…but she strides out and has such a big movement to her that I fit her pretty well.

She literally thinks the world revolves around her,

and when I show up to the rodeo and the crowd is cheering she thinks it’s all for her. She has to make an entrance into the arena every time (picture lots of jumping around and hopping) and wants everyone to pay attention to her! She’s quite the character. I’m pretty lucky to have those two!

5. What fires your passion for Barrel Racing to be able to work every day to get closer to your goals?

I wish I could tell you what it is exactly…but I can’t. Its honestly this type of addiction that runs through your veins. I am horse obsessed at the core, I have been my whole life! And I am obsessed with barrel racing. I sometimes wish I liked something else that was a little simpler and easier on the wallet, but nope, its got to be rodeo and barrel racing. I love it so much and even when things aren’t going my way I remind myself of my goals and keep on working towards them!

6. What is one thing that sticks out in your mind for contributing to your barrel racing career?

Support! I am grateful every day for my support system. My parents and my family, my husband, my amazing friends and my sponsors! Having people who believe in you even on days when you’re struggling is such a huge blessing.

7. How do you come back after a run didn’t go as planned?

I go by the 10 minute rule. I get to pout and be pissy for 10 minutes, then it’s time to learn from it and move on. The beauty of this sport is that we have plenty of opportunity to try again! I also compete a lot so it’s not worthwhile for me to carry my ‘losses’ if you will, to the next run. I have to take what went wrong and build on that to be better for next time. I’ve also learned that being upset is really not productive and a huge waste of energy. I try hard to be happy and positive every day, so why let a crappy run ruin that? Have some pouting time, but then make the decision to move on from it and be better next time.

8. How do you keep your horses feeling their best going down the rodeo trail?

As most barrel racers, I get a little extreme with my horse care routine (but I won’t shower for a few days and might be eating off the $1 menu…I know I’m not alone in that!). My horses wear Cloud boots when we travel, I also use a Hansbo blanket and Back on Track blanket.

If I’m travelling long distances I will do standing wraps on legs. I like to be sure my trailer is clean and my horses have fresh shavings to stand on. I often use clay after a run (I LOVE Lame Away CBD mud!). I think cold hosing is a simple but effective thing too! If I can I’ll hose legs off after my run every time.

I’m also really diligent with my supplements. SharpEdge is my most fave line of supplements!!! They’re all herbal and have a variety of blends…I know the company is working on having the products available in the USA this year! I could go on forever, like most barrel racers I spoil my horses!

9. What do you look for in a barrel racing prospect?

Incentives and good breeding! Breeding isn’t everything but often with a young horse it’s kind of all you have to go on. I do think if they’re genetically made to do it its likely they’ll end up being a capable athlete. I will often seek advice of those I trust and have more experience than me. I have no problem asking my mentors for their input on a prospect. I also go a lot off ‘gut’ feel. Every horse I’ve bought I knew they were the one for me before I even saw them in person!

10. What piece of advice would you give someone want to follow their dreams?

My Opa (German for ‘grandpa’) once said to me

“Whatever you love, just do that. And don’t let anyone talk you out of it”.

Those words always stuck with me. If you really want something, go after it and make it happen. Chasing dreams is a decision. Don’t talk yourself out of it because of whatever excuses you come up with. Be real with yourself, and if you really WANT it, want it more than anything, decide its happening and go after it with everything you’ve got!

11, Thank you for doing this interview and where can people follow you in your journey?

I’m honored you asked me! Here’s a few places to find me:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/maddikempfofficial

Instagram: @maddikempf

YouTube: www.youtube.com/maddikempf 

Thanks for the Great Interview Maddi!

In my opinion a great interview is when the person is honest and their personality shows. It makes me feel like I know them on a different level! Maddi definitely did that with this interview today.

I truly believe with the passion she has for barrel racing we will be seeing her in the future doing great things!

If I were you I would follow Maddi’s Channel Barrel Racer Life too because I love her vlogs and watch them ever week! Or check out Level Up Apparel . . . I can’t wait for my hat to come in the mail. Its leopard print and for any of you that know me, you know how much I love leopard print!!!

There are exciting blogs to come. Some will inspire and others may be in a completely different discipline than I have had before! I release a blog every Wednesday, so set your alarms cause you are not going to want to miss next week.

Do you have someone that you would love for me to do an interview with? Contact me HERE and let me know WHO!

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See you next Wednesday Horse Lovers

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