Erin Verhelst 

Pepper and Quinn

Pepper, my sorrel gelding, is my very first horse. As a horse crazy girl my whole life it was a dream come true when I could finally afford one! He was a rodeo horse of a friends that I got to ride for awhile before he decided to take him away and sell him. It was heartbreaking after we bonded so hard so I did all I could to be the one to buy him. I got him back not long after and we’ve been together ever since. He is very sweet and gentle, with just the right amount of fire to make him competitive. He is 16, loves cats and dogs more then anything, and was my saving grace when I rescued my black mare, Quinn. She was rescued as a very unapproachable, jumpy 5 year old. I spent many hours and tears in a round pen with her until she trusted me to approach her. After that hurdle we went along with everything that comes next in training. Now we have a bond that will never be broken, I believe she is my heart horse. Quinn is 7 now and is becoming a very well rounded athlete and partner. She made me work for everything harder then I ever imagined though and Pepper was both of our emotional outlet. He always was chatting to her. Her first saddling blow up, he was watching and nickering over the fence. Her first trailer loading, he was tied up outside and had his nose stuck through her window encouraging her. He put in plenty of wet saddle pads with me while we ponied her to get used to the saddle. Still whenever we get back from any ride he meets us at the gate. Not only was he always comforting to her, he was always there for me on the tough days. To remind me that it takes time and patience to make great horses. He is definitely the best therapy horse. 💜


Kylie Watt and Perks

October Horse of the Month. Kylie Watt with Perks her horse

My name is Kylie Watt, and I’ve been barrel racing for 10 years. I was so excited to win horse of the month! This guy is one of my main horses, Perks. I’m so blessed to run him, he stumbled into my life when I really wasn’t looking for a new horse. I couldn’t say no, he’s just that special. He’s been a work in progress these last few years but things have finally really started to click! I am just getting back to it after having a baby and I’m so excited to see what this coming season brings us on the rodeo trail.

Ashlee Waldner and Felix

Horse Running with a rider on

I am so pleased that Felix got horse of the month! I like in Val Marie sk, and my name is Ashlee Waldner. I have been going to jackpots for three years, and this year was my first year rodeoing. I bought my horse Felix last fall, and he is the biggest sweet heart! This picture is from July 1st at the red, white and gold slot race where we won our first buckle together.