The Unbreakable Connection Between Salty and Kasey

Hey, horse lovers welcome back, let’s get right into this blog about how strong a connection can be. One thing that draws me to horses and causes me to fall more in love with them is their connections. I don’t mean just with us, but their connections with each other and their environment both physical and spiritual. This brings me to the story I would like to tell today . . .

whits-therapy-connectionSalty and Kasey

Salty and Kasey are two of my family’s horses. They are now retired and living out their days at home! Today I am going to tell you a bit about them and a short version of their story together (If I told you the long version, we would be here all day!).


Salty is a 30-year-old Dun quarter horse (I guess he will be 31 on May 3). My parents got Salty when he was just 3 years old and he has been a part of our family ever since . . . come to think of it my parents have had Salty longer than have they had me! He has done it all whether it is in the rodeo arena, ranch or a gymkhana. Honestly, I could write a blog post just on him. He went to college with me when he was 24 years old. After my fall season, we decided it was time for him to retire! He deserved it!



Kasey is a 21-year-old Arabian quarter horse cross. My family raised him. He has a very unique personality especially if there is a yellow raincoat involved (a story for another day). Kasey was my 4-h horse for 6 years, I think … I learned everything on him!

Their Relationship . . .

In the Beginning

Ok so let’s get into their unbelievable bond! In our herd Salty was always top dog. He ate wherever he pleased and no one messed with him. Kasey, wanted to be his right-hand man so badly. I swear he just boss the other horses around for the fun of it. In all seriousness, Kasey was a suck up and Salty just treated him like an annoying little brother.

As Salty gets older . . .whits-therapy-connection

No one likes to get old but it happens sooner or later. As Salty started to age he started to slow down. The other horses started to pick on him and he moved down the pecking order. He lost that spark that made him who he was. It broke my heart to see him walk around almost scared to get in anyone’s way! Then along came Kasey to the rescue! Kasey now still followed Salty around but not as a little brother, but as a protector. He was there when Salty needed him. Salty could now go where ever he wanted again and if anyone messed with him Kasey would be right there to deal with it. Kasey would chase all the horses away if any of them thought about bossing Salty. Salty got spark back. He still bosses Kasey around when it comes to food but I am sure he grateful for him.



Salty Scare

This year Salty had a scare. Kasey never left his side and hasn’t left him since. Wherever Salty goes Kasey isn’t far behind him.  Their connection blows me away every day. I really don’t know what we would do if Kasey hadn’t stepped up. Salty is his old self again and they are going to live out their glory years together.

I hope you enjoyed Salty and Kasey’s story. I will see my horse lover friends in the next blog. If you want to know about me, Kasey or Salty catch us on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook! The theme on my Facebook page this month is Senior horses inspired by Salty! Leave me a comment about your horses and the beautiful relationships they have.

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