Amberley Snyder 10 years after her Accident

Amberley Snyder . . . If you are in the Barrel Racing world you know her and even if you don’t, her story inspires and touches people, whether you ride a horse or not!

Welcome Horse Lovers to this weeks blog interview with Amberley Snyder. Many of you already know her story  but those of you that don’t keep reading because you are not going to want to miss this!

Her growing up . . .

Amberley Snyder was born in southern California in 1991. Her Dad played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Major League Baseball and she has 5 siblings.  So let’s just say hard work was instilled in her at a young age. Read the whole article to hear what her family saying is at the end.

She did not come from a rodeo family and at 3 years old she started taking riding lessons and was hooked! Both Amberley and the rest of her family are very competitive so she soon found her calling in Rodeo!

In high school she competed in barrel racing, pole bending, breakaway roping and goat trying. She made the National High School Finals in pole bending and won the National Little Britches Rodeo Association All-around Cowgirl World Champion. Amberley was a very accomplished young lady who had big dreams!!!


Her accident . . .

On January 10th 2010 her life changed when her truck faded into the other lane while on her way to the Denver Stock Show and Rodeo. She was heading towards a beam and in attempted to miss it over corrected causing the truck to go off the rode and roll.

Amberley was launched from her vehicle sending her into a fence post breaking her back and instantly lost feeling in her legs.

In the hospital the doctors said she would not regain feeling and probably never walk again. To go through all this and still have the spirit she did is amazing. Four months after her accident she was riding again!! If you would like to know all the details of her story click here!!

She is an inspiration to me and everyone around her and I hope you enjoy this interview.


Amberley Snyder Interview!

1. It has been 10 years since your accident. What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome and biggest accomplishment?

My biggest obstacle is patience. My biggest accomplishment is making something better out of a situation that could have been worse.

2. You are an inspiration to me and so many people. What would you say to someone having to overcome obstacles or chasing their dreams?

The advice I give to people I feel like are in any challenging situation is it’s okay to have bad days. I think that our world tells us that we are not allowed to have those.  We’re supposed to wake up and be fine and put a little dirt on it. When in all reality sometimes life sucks.

3. What has the support of your family and friends meant to you through this Journey?

They are the reason I am still here.

4. How do you cue your horses now compared to before the accident?

I cue them with my hands and voice. My horses that I keep really do figure it out pretty easily!

5. How do you keep your horses feeling good down the rodeo trail?

What I put into them for feed to keep them healthy is Purina and Redmond. What I do to the outside of their body for their muscles and to keep them feeling good is Activet Laser Therapy. Plus keeping them in the best shape possible.

6. How does it feel to do so well at the American qualifier in Vegas on your great horse Legacy who you trained after the accident?

Amazing! So proud of him and what we stepped up to do there!!

A little bit of background, Amberley and Legacy qualified for the American Quarter final at the All In Barrel Race in Vegas!! So don’t forget to cheer her on at the American!


7. What are some goals you have for the upcoming 2020 year?

My Goals for 2020 are to do the best I can in any rodeo or barrel race I enter,  

get my charity running and finish my place in Utah.

8. What are some of your everyday obstacles of life in a wheel chair?

Patience, time, when I can ride, goodness so many things!!  

I can catch, saddle and ride my horse by myself but now for efficiency and safety reasons I have someone help me ride. When I wake up in the morning I think when will someone be around so I can ride my horses.

9. How does it feel to prove people wrong and do things they never thought you could like drive a truck or be independent in your own home?

I don’t look at my accomplishments as proving someone wrong. I feel like my energy is doing those things for me, not them. I don’t think we should live any part of our lives to spite someone else. Live it for you


10. What do you enjoy most about speaking and sharing your story?

The people I meet and hope to help!!

11. Thank you so much for doing this interview. How can people get in contact with you or follow your journey?

All social media!!

Facebook Amberley Snyder

Instagram @amberleysnder 

Thank you Amberley Snyder for this inspiring interview.


I can’t believe I got to meet this amazing person in Vegas last December!!!!!!

Her family has a saying that I love

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Doing this interview with her and learning about her life, she lives by this saying!

She went from a very independent and successful person to have to face challenges that she never thought she would at all which leads into one of her biggest accomplishment.  

I was watching one of her interviews and they asked her if she would change what happened to her if she could. She said she honestly didn’t know because of all the experiences that she never would have done with out her accident. 

Amberley definitely has done more that just make a situation better. She has inspired and helped so many through her strength and determination.

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See you in the next one!


Maddi Stoltman Leveling Up in Barrel Racer Life

Maddie Kempf, well I guess Maddie Stoltman now (just got married last year) . . . is a crazy barrel racer (in my books that is a compliment) that has big dreams and has not let fear stand in her way!!

Hey Horse Lovers, welcome back to this week’s blog with Maddie Stoltman. Maddi is a barrel racer that has her own YouTube Channel (Barrel Racer Life) and owner of Level Up Apparel.

I originally contacted her about if she wanted a reading done and you know when you contact people off the internet you never know if they will be the same person as on Social. . .

But I am so happy to report she is extremely nice and honest and is the exact same as she is on her vlogs every week!

Since then we have been in contact (hopefully one day we will get to meet each other) and I was so excited she agreed to do this interview!

She is one to watch out for in the future . . . hope you enjoy this interview!!

A little bit about Maddi . . .

My name is Maddi Stoltman (formerly Maddi Kempf). I’m a Canadian barrel racer from BC, Canada and I now reside in Ellensburg, WA. I am a semi-professional barrel racer, with big dreams!

I just recently purchased my WPRA Permit and am venturing into the Professional Rodeos for the first time this year. I have my sights set on competing at the NFR and winning a world championship!

Most of my days revolve around my horses and barrel racing and my clothing company called Level Up Apparel. I have a vlog I post weekly (on Tuesdays) called ‘Barrel Racer Life’ documenting my journey from the start as an amateur barrel racer to achieving my dreams at the pro level!

My life mission is to inspire people to chase their dreams while I’m chasing mine, and to spread love and kindness. I aim to leave everyone a little better than I found them!

Interview with Maddi Stoltman 

1. When did you start your YouTube Channel Barrel Racer Life?

Going on three years now!

2. What was your biggest challenge with starting Barrel Racer Life?

Getting out of my own dang head. I had an ongoing loop of

“I’m not good enough of a barrel racer to start a barrel racing vlog, why would anyone watch me anyway?”

and a variety of similar concerns. It took me awhile but eventually I realized you don’t have to be the best in the world to share your journey!

3. Is there any cool experiences that have come into your life because of your channel?

Actually quite a few! Firstly it’s the coolest thing in the world to run into people who watch my YouTube videos…I’ve met people in different states and countries because of them watching my vlog and that is just plain awesome in itself.

I also had a TV producer contact me because they came across my YouTube channel. I ended up getting to work on a TV show called ‘The Grand Tour’ (it’s a show with the guys from Top Gear and they travel the world and do different car related things!). They wanted to test these SUV’s and race them thru a barrel pattern, time the cars and also have a barrel racer run thru and see if they could beat the horse.

I was lucky enough to get to be cast as that barrel racer, and what a fun experience that was! It’s on Amazon Prime, Season 2 Episode 10 called ‘Oh Canada’ in case you’d like to see my five minutes of fame.

4. Who do you plan to run at rodeo’s next season and tell me a bit about your 4-legged superstars?

I’ve got a pretty cool herd of horses! I have a few colts, but the two stand outs I have that I’ll be running this year are Claude (VF Born For Glory) and Jada (Inheritthejudgescash). The cool thing about them is that they are quite opposite of each other, which actually works out well because I can pick and choose which arena is better for them to run at!


Claude is a giant, I call him the giraffe. I actually haven’t measured him yet this year but he grew once again and must stand somewhere around 16.2-3. He’s just coming 7, he’s bred to the nines (I wish he was a mare so he could have babies!).

He’s freaky fast

and because of his size does really well in big pens and isn’t fazed much by deep ground. I never worry if I’m the 10th girl out on the ground at a rodeo when I’m on him, he just powers thru it like its nothing. He is a big chicken though (honestly scared of EVERYTHING) so that is his only downfall as a rodeo horse! Ear plugs have been a godsend when it comes to rodeo perfs!


Jada on the other hand is little (don’t tell her that though) and is a complete spitfire. She is extremely fast, especially for her size. When I went to try her before I bought her I was worried I wouldn’t be able to ride her because she’s so small! I’m 6ft tall and often feel top heavy on small horses…but she strides out and has such a big movement to her that I fit her pretty well.

She literally thinks the world revolves around her,

and when I show up to the rodeo and the crowd is cheering she thinks it’s all for her. She has to make an entrance into the arena every time (picture lots of jumping around and hopping) and wants everyone to pay attention to her! She’s quite the character. I’m pretty lucky to have those two!

5. What fires your passion for Barrel Racing to be able to work every day to get closer to your goals?

I wish I could tell you what it is exactly…but I can’t. Its honestly this type of addiction that runs through your veins. I am horse obsessed at the core, I have been my whole life! And I am obsessed with barrel racing. I sometimes wish I liked something else that was a little simpler and easier on the wallet, but nope, its got to be rodeo and barrel racing. I love it so much and even when things aren’t going my way I remind myself of my goals and keep on working towards them!

6. What is one thing that sticks out in your mind for contributing to your barrel racing career?

Support! I am grateful every day for my support system. My parents and my family, my husband, my amazing friends and my sponsors! Having people who believe in you even on days when you’re struggling is such a huge blessing.

7. How do you come back after a run didn’t go as planned?

I go by the 10 minute rule. I get to pout and be pissy for 10 minutes, then it’s time to learn from it and move on. The beauty of this sport is that we have plenty of opportunity to try again! I also compete a lot so it’s not worthwhile for me to carry my ‘losses’ if you will, to the next run. I have to take what went wrong and build on that to be better for next time. I’ve also learned that being upset is really not productive and a huge waste of energy. I try hard to be happy and positive every day, so why let a crappy run ruin that? Have some pouting time, but then make the decision to move on from it and be better next time.

8. How do you keep your horses feeling their best going down the rodeo trail?

As most barrel racers, I get a little extreme with my horse care routine (but I won’t shower for a few days and might be eating off the $1 menu…I know I’m not alone in that!). My horses wear Cloud boots when we travel, I also use a Hansbo blanket and Back on Track blanket.

If I’m travelling long distances I will do standing wraps on legs. I like to be sure my trailer is clean and my horses have fresh shavings to stand on. I often use clay after a run (I LOVE Lame Away CBD mud!). I think cold hosing is a simple but effective thing too! If I can I’ll hose legs off after my run every time.

I’m also really diligent with my supplements. SharpEdge is my most fave line of supplements!!! They’re all herbal and have a variety of blends…I know the company is working on having the products available in the USA this year! I could go on forever, like most barrel racers I spoil my horses!

9. What do you look for in a barrel racing prospect?

Incentives and good breeding! Breeding isn’t everything but often with a young horse it’s kind of all you have to go on. I do think if they’re genetically made to do it its likely they’ll end up being a capable athlete. I will often seek advice of those I trust and have more experience than me. I have no problem asking my mentors for their input on a prospect. I also go a lot off ‘gut’ feel. Every horse I’ve bought I knew they were the one for me before I even saw them in person!

10. What piece of advice would you give someone want to follow their dreams?

My Opa (German for ‘grandpa’) once said to me

“Whatever you love, just do that. And don’t let anyone talk you out of it”.

Those words always stuck with me. If you really want something, go after it and make it happen. Chasing dreams is a decision. Don’t talk yourself out of it because of whatever excuses you come up with. Be real with yourself, and if you really WANT it, want it more than anything, decide its happening and go after it with everything you’ve got!

11, Thank you for doing this interview and where can people follow you in your journey?

I’m honored you asked me! Here’s a few places to find me:


Facebook: www.facebook.com/maddikempfofficial

Instagram: @maddikempf

YouTube: www.youtube.com/maddikempf 

Thanks for the Great Interview Maddi!

In my opinion a great interview is when the person is honest and their personality shows. It makes me feel like I know them on a different level! Maddi definitely did that with this interview today.

I truly believe with the passion she has for barrel racing we will be seeing her in the future doing great things!

If I were you I would follow Maddi’s Channel Barrel Racer Life too because I love her vlogs and watch them ever week! Or check out Level Up Apparel . . . I can’t wait for my hat to come in the mail. Its leopard print and for any of you that know me, you know how much I love leopard print!!!

There are exciting blogs to come. Some will inspire and others may be in a completely different discipline than I have had before! I release a blog every Wednesday, so set your alarms cause you are not going to want to miss next week.

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See you next Wednesday Horse Lovers


Tyson Durfey, What Goes into a World Champion Part 2

Hey horse lovers welcome back to part 2 of a great interview with Tyson Durfey!!!

He has been successful in not just one area of his life but many. He has grown a successful business, has a beautiful family and puts a priority on fitness.

Hope you enjoy part 2 of this interview.

Tyson Durfey Interview Part 2

6. What is your game plan going into the 2019 NFR?

My plan going into the 2019 NFR is to be extremely focused. . . Have no negative energy . . . no negative mindset . . . have no negative anything. That means I have to capture my thoughts and not allow my mind to gravitate to anything that is off task but to be clear focused and dedicated. Precise with my actions.

Calf roping is a technical game. To be super clear and super precise with everything that I do. To just go rope good and trust my horse. Trust that he is going to be way better this year then he was last year and to just live the process. That is what the plan is!


7. Tell me about your current equine partner and the importance they have to your success. Also is there any of your horses that stick out in your mind over the years?

My current horse I ride 90% of the time is Mitch. He is a super amazing horse. I really truly did not think he was as good as he is because I had a horse call Nikko last year. Then almost to this day he passed away.

Mitch was one of those horses who was super green. Hadn’t been out a lot and I just had to trust him and ride him at the finals. It was a pretty cool experience; he went on to perform really well in the end.  He has just grown this year, become more solid and technical in all his movements. He has just been an amazing horse.

The best horse I ever have ridden was Nikko. He was the horse I won my world championship on. Truly an amazing horse, he had a personality of a joker but he had the mindset of a champion. Always consistent and worked like a champ!


8. What skills or traits do you look for in a good tie down roping horse?

The trait I look for in a good tie down horse is consistency. They have to be consistent. There is a lot of talented horses out there but if they don’t have the consistency or don’t work the same every single time. Then you don’t really have anything . . . or foundation for what you do as an athlete. So I look for consistency. People get excited or they see a big stop or a horse who can really run and they fall in love with individual traits but I always look for consistency. Things horses can do over and over again so I can pattern myself to be same way every time.


9. How do you keep your horses feeling and performing their best going down the rodeo trail?

The main thing with my horses is a pretty good diet. They have a few supplements I give but I feed Nutrena which is a really high protein feed. Keeps them super healthy, super fat but still super muscled especially with older horses.

I like a high fat high protein diet. A lot of feeds will have a lower fat and a higher protein but I like equal fat to equal protein because with a calf horse the more mass they have to take the hit at the end of the rope the better off they are. So that is what I do. Also every quarter they are at the vet getting checked out and I also feed a feet and bone supplement to keep their feet right and their joints right.

10. How do you balance rodeo, family life and now your online mentorship program?

Well balance is a good thing; I try to stay as balanced as I can! The first thing I do every day is get up about 6:30 and have 15 to 20 minutes of reading the bible. I specifically read Proverbs in the morning and at night I read Psalms. That definitely puts my mindset in a great spot for the day and when I end the day. The beginning of the day I always have my prayer time. I pray in the morning. Then after that it is time to help the girls, get them ready, feed them, stuff like that.

To balance it all is one of those things that its always a juggling match. I am working hard, I am staying focused about what I need to do. I have a schedule.  I know what time I am going to practice most days and I know what time I am going to work out most days. I know what time I am going to spend on my computer and on my mentorship program most days. I have it all on a schedule that way it keeps me focused on what I need to do!

The other thing is to have a great team of people around you between my wife and my ranch manager and my secretary it really helps they take a lot of tasks off my shoulders! There are many tasks. So there are two types of tasks. One Type of Task is one I have to be there for that can’t be done without me like my practicing or my exercising, responding to a student or something like that. Then there are tasks I don’t have to do which is maybe doctoring a calf, working the arena or cleaning the stalls so any tasks that don’t specifically need my time go to another person in the team that can get it done. So that how I do it. It’s not rocket science but It is something that will help that a lot of cowboys don’t do.

To add on to that (It should have been the first thing added on) but my wife! My wife is just so amazing. She is kind of like my rock but she does so much. She runs two successful businesses on her own with the team. She handles a lot of the stuff with the girls. I definitely always take time out through the day. Its nice I have a place at home so whenever I can I spend an hour with them throughout the day. I am usually done by 5 or 6 o clock and spend time with them. But my wife she takes a lot of the load of my shoulders.

11. Thank you so much for doing this interview I wish you all the luck this year in the NFR. What is one piece of advice you would give to anyone wanting to chase their dream?

The one piece of advice I would give a young person or anyone coming up is that instant gratification does not work. You have to program your mind to realize that if you want the reward you might have to work a month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months to get that goal that you want.

If you fail don’t beat yourself up about it. Just step back and reflect on what you can do better and then come back and do it again simple as that. Keep a clear mind and a clear head and stay super focused. Don’t waste that time beating yourself up in your head. You’re going to be so much further ahead and you will be able to crush every dream, crush every goal you ever had so be patience, be diligent.  Don’t beat yourself up. Keep hustling. That is what I would tell them. Adios. And thank you very much!


Thank you, Tyson Durfey, for taking the time to do this interview!

There are a lot of points I am going to take away from this interview and apply to my own barrel racing!

Let me know what your favorite part of the interview was in the comments below!

You can find Tyson on Facebook or Instagram at Tyson Durfey.

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Who do you think next week is . . . I guess you will have to wait and find out!

Until next time . . .


Starlight Quarter Horses, Breed for Speed

Starlight Quarter Horses will always hold a special place in my heart!

Hey everyone, this week’s blog is special to me because it is an interview with Starlight Quarter Horses. One of my coming 5 year old’s, Sierra, who I have had since a baby, is the first foal crop of their stud Frenchmans Fuego!!

I am very excited for 2020 and what it holds . . . but anyways on to the interview with Starlight Quarter Horses!

They are own and operated by Kelly and Michelle Atcheynum. They have some really nice horses for your next superstar!!

Side note . . . I love doing interviews with breeders because their pictures are so so cute!! Warning cute pics below!!

Enjoy the interview!!

Starlight Quarter Horses Interview

1. When did you start breeding horses and what got you into it in the first place?

We started breeding horses in 2000. We got into breeding because we love horses and barrel racing. It is very expensive to buy top quality prospects now a days so we decided to try and produce them.


2. What is your current stud? How is he bred and what drew you to those bloodlines?

Frenchmans Fuego and he’s Frenchmans Guy/Fire Water Flit bred.  We were drawn to those lines because it’s all proven barrel racing lines through and through. We feel that these too lines will sell themselves in today’s market.


3. I know it’s hard to pick one but what’s one of your favorite mares over the years?

My favorite mare right now would have to be TCR Drifting Frost. She is a beautiful Sun Frost bred buckskin and a great producer.


4. What things to do you look at to see if it is good cross between a mare and a stud?

The first thing I look for is the conformation of the mare and stallion. I want them to complement each other. I really like crossing the proven barrel racing line with running quarter horses. This will give you the speed of the running lines and the turning power of the barrel/working lines.


5. What do look you look for in your foals?

The first thing I look for in the foal is the conformation. Is the foal straight and does it have good bone. Does the foal have a good eye as the eyes tell you a lot in regards to disposition of the foal. I also like pretty horses if possible, as pretty sells.


6. How does it feel to watch your young ones grow up and have career with other owners?

We are very proud to see our foals be successful with other owners. We want to produce pro quality horses for barrel racing as well as roping.

7. What have your babies been excelling at and where have they been going?

The oldest foal crop of Frenchmans Fuego are turning 5 in 2020 so they will be just starting to compete. They look very promising and the owners are very happy with them. Very excited to see what their future holds.


8. What do you think separates a great horse from a good horse?

The thing that separates a great horse from a good horse is heart. A great horse will give you everything they’ve got to please you and be competitive. They will have that little extra speed and stamina that will make them winners.


9. How can anyone contact Starlight Quarter Horses with any questions or to check out your babies?

You can contact Starlight Quarter Horses through Facebook or our website www.starlightquarterhorses.com or cell 1-306-441-1064 for baby information.

Thank you Starlight Quarter Horses for that great interview!

If you are looking for a prospect give them a call or check out their website!! They have the blood lines to give you the speed and agility you need!!

Here is my girl Sierra when she was a baby and her today!!


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Happy trails!


Tyson Durfey, What Goes into a World Champion

I couldn’t believe World Champion Tyson Durfey agreed to do this interview! I had to read his message twice to make sure!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first blog post of the year, 2020. Let’s start it off on a high! Today’s interview is with someone you probably know if you have watched the NFR in the last decade! He is the 2016 world champion Tie Down roper, Tyson Durfey.

When I was trying to find people to interview for the NFR I messaged a lot of people with not a lot of replies . . . which I fully expected. They are busy getting ready for a very important rodeo of their career. But the fact that Tyson got back to me and had enthusiasm to do this interview was amazing and I am very thankful for it! (It actually makes my day so much!).

Side note . . . this blog was supposed to go out the last day of NFR but I had some technical difficulties in Vegas. Tyson actually did the interview before the NFR but I thought you guys would still enjoy it!

I should also mention he is a Canadian Finals Champion too (which I find pretty cool). If you don’t already you need to follow him on Social Media! I watch his story almost every day on Instagram and he is very encouraging but tells it like it is (which we all need let’s be honest).

This interview is amazing on the detail he gives about the questions and I enjoyed editing it so much. I hope you enjoy reading it . . . so enough of me talking let’s get to the interview already!

Interview with Tyson Durfey

1. When did you buy your pro rodeo card and what inspired you to do so?

I got my pro card in 2003 and my life long goal was to make the Finals. That is really what I wanted to do, make the National Finals Rodeo. You know I was 18 and I couldn’t wait to get rolling and really the inspiration of making the finals and making a living roping calves was in my mind and really what I wanted to do!!

2. You have had a lot of success in rodeo, what keeps you hooked on calf roping all these years and where does your drive come from?

You know I have had many motivations over the years for roping calves and keeping me hooked. In the beginning it was for my love of the game and what I wanted to do and be as successful at it as I could. Since then it has transformed into not only just roping calves but to create a movement or a life style out of being a calf roper. What it could look like for me if I did it long term, plus I just love the game.

It is something I just love to do and to meet the people, not just the fans, but the people you meet in every city and every state across America, truly keeps me hungry. Watching my girls, they love to see me rope. Watching them grow, its’ something we can do together as a family so that stuff just keeps me hooked and wanting more.

3. How did it feel to be the 2016 Tie Down Roping World Champion and what was going through your mind when you were presented that Gold Buckle?

Honestly when I was underneath and they said I had won the world it was just a shock to me. I didn’t know points, I didn’t know what had happened. When they handed me the buckle, underneath sitting there with it, I just started crying. It was one of those experiences that I had to rely on my faith to get it down. I didn’t think I was good enough by myself and I felt like God dropped it into my lap for a reward for all the years of hard work, dedication and focus. I literally cried for like 10 mins and the first thing I did when I went out on the stage is raise the gold up. This gold belongs to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is two life goals achieved for me. One for me and one for my Dad so it was a pretty cool moment.

4. Pressure situations are a part of rodeo. How do you handle the pressure and your nerves before big runs?

One of the techniques I use to handle the pressure is when I am practicing, I am making that run at the rodeo mentally. I am at the National Finals mentally and I am in the 10th round of the NFR and I have to produce to win a world championship. I put myself in that position so many times in the practice pen and going to smaller events and stuff like that. Now I don’t even feel pressure anymore. I believe pressure is something you put on yourself because of prizes and notoriety. I just refuse to let that pressure fall on me. I just don’t expect it. I just perform to the best of my ability and whatever happens happens.

5. What’s one thing that contributed to your very successful rodeo career both in the National Finals Rodeo and the Canadian Finals Rodeo?

The one thing that contributed to my success is multiple things, but the main thing is I always rode great horses. I always had horses that worked good. I have always had horses that maybe didn’t work great for other people but I was able to sharpen them up and able to train and get them working amazing for me. I spent the first 20 years of my life training horses and riding horses with my father. Learning those lessons at a young age really helped me out.

Since this blog was longer because of the detail, which I love, it will be released in two parts . . . so you will just have to stay tuned for this Wednesday to read the rest!!

Who do you want to see in future interviews to let me know click here!!


Scott Guenthner Wrestling his Way to the Top

Scott Guenthner is a professional Steer Wrestler . . .best of all he is Canadian!!

Hi everyone! It’s the second interview in the NFR Series! How excited are you? I know I am! Once Scott agreed to do this, I started to do some research for my questions! I found out he went to Lakeland College which is cool for me because that is where I went to school too. Little fact about me!

Scott Guenthner is a back to back Canadian Champion and 2x National Finals Rodeo Qualifier! To see more of Career wins click here!

He has a young family and lives in Alberta!

I am excited to interview someone in an event in rodeo that I don’t know as much about!

As I am writing this (after round 3), he is sitting 5th in the world! I wish him all the luck in the rest of the rounds at the NFR!

Now enough of me blabbing on, lets go to Scott Guenthner’s great interview!

Scott Guenthner Interview


  1. When did you first buy your pro card and what was your goal or dream when you started?

2012 I bought my full card! Goals were to make CFR and win a Canadian Championship!

2. How do you stay in a good mindset all year?

I keep a good mind set all year by not letting the little things bother me and going run by run and rodeo by rodeo! And knowing that everything at home is looked after perfectly by my family!

3. How do you come back from having a bad run whether it is from one rodeo to the next or at finals like the CFR?

The rule I have about having a bad run is I have five minutes to pout and be mad about the run and figure out what I did wrong and then get over it and move on! There is always another steer to run!

4. How does it feel to be the back to back Canadian Steer Wrestling Champion?

It feels pretty surreal to have won the Canadian Championship once let alone twice and back to back! And winning it with a brand new baby even added more to it this year!

5. What is your game plan for the 2019 NFR and how are you preparing for it?

My game plan for NFR is to just go have fun and do what I know how to do! Don’t over think anything and go at every round! Each round is its own rodeo here at NFR! So much money on the line! I don’t go overboard with preparing for finals, I just practice a couple times a week is about all! Don’t really change up anything to how I did things all year!

6. What is going through your mind before you nod your head?

To be honest not a lot I kind of blank out! Try and see how I want to score the steer right but I do a lot of nodding and then pulling to get out!

7.What are some important characteristics to be a great steer wrestling horse? What is your main mount like?

Have a big heart a lot of try and speed! And be able to read and watch cattle! I have two horses I ride a lot, Rooster who is owned by Bridger Chambers and Tyson who is owned by Curtis Cassidy!

8. How do you balance having a young family and rodeo?

Having a young family and rodeoing is a lot more work and a challenge than you think! For me family comes first, then rodeo! I try to go home and see family as much as I can and whenever I’m near home I will go home for a quick visit or even a night!

9. Who is your biggest supporter and anyone you want to thank?

My family is my biggest supporters! But I also have a lot of friends that support me as well! I am very fortunate to have a very big and wide spread base of supporters! I would just like to thank all my family and friends for all they do for me and lastly my sponsors! CVS Controls, Crone Herefords, Benoit Oilfield Construction, Remedy O.S.L, Lakeland College, and Cinch Jeans and Shirts!

10. What piece of advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a pro rodeo career?

Practice and hard work go way further than just talent! Nothing is going to happen overnight. It takes time to get to the top! Follow your Dreams and set goals for yourself of what you want to accomplish each year! And lastly don’t let bad runs and the little things wear you down and make you have a bad attitude!


I would like to thank Scott for taking the time to do this Interview.


You should take note on how he handles the rodeo trail because you can be as talented as you want if you can’t handle the ups and downs you sadly won’t make it very far! He is good a putting the pass run begin and looking forward to the future! 

*If I only took one thing from this interview it would be that!*

Lets cheer on Scott Guenthner the next 7 rounds!

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Stevi Hillman, In Pursuit of her Dreams

Stevi Hillman!  If you have watched Pro Rodeo in the last few years this lady does not need any
introduction, but I feel she deserves one anyways!

Hey everyone welcome to first blog post of the NFR series! If you want to get sneak peeks on
who is coming next and want to win $250 click here to find out more info!!

Ok on to Ms. Stevi Hillman . . . first of all I was so excited when she first agreed to do
this interview just because of her National Finals Rodeo experience alone! Then when I started to
do some research about her for my questions, the more excited I was to talk to her!

I have tried to write this introduction a few times but it always ends up too long . . .
so if you want more information on her after the interview you can click here!

Anyways let’s get to it . . .

Stevi lives in Texas but was not a part of rodeo growing up. She learned a lot of valuable
lessons from her step father Dave Salzbrenner. He taught her about the importance
of a good foundation in a horse no matter what the sport (probably one of the reasons why she is
such an amazing trainer).

One of her other loves is being a radiologic technician taking x-rays, working in surgery and doing CT scans.

Training barrel horses is how she got started with a dream of the NFR one day. But before that she
worked in many other disciplines like polo, cutting and reining. Stevi has trained
3 amazing NFR horses Perfectos Dually, Ima Royal Design and Morning Traffic!! Stevi
is now a 4 time National Finals Rodeo qualifier.

She is married to Ty Hillman which we will find out more about later! This is just a little bit
about her so I hope you love this interview like I do! I wish her all the luck
in the 10  days of NFR action!.


Interview Question Stevi Hillman

1. When did you start your pro rodeo career and what inspired you to do so?

I always wanted to rodeo… and in 2011, I trained a horse off the track (I’m A Royal Design aka: Hammer) for the people I was working for.  He was doing so well, I attempted to get my feet wet with pro rodeos, and we ended up reserve Rookie Of The Year in 2012.  He was then sold. I had to regroup and wait for the right horse.  I went back to training and knew I couldn’t go again until the right horse came along…. which then happened when Truck was brought into my life in 2014.

2. What horses are you taking to the NFR and tell me about your main mount?

I am taking MCMImASharpGuy aka ‘Sharpie’ (owned by Matt and Bendi Dunn) as my main horse as of now, you just never know until you get settled in and go to practice but that’s the plan.And then One Perfect Ruby aka ‘Perfecto’ (owned by Janee Ornelas) will be next in line. I’ve also got Guys R A Mystery aka ‘Sherlock’ (owned by Howie and Toni Dixon) and DTF Mellowdoc aka ‘Millie’ (owned by me and Ty).

I am so blessed to have 4 with me that I would be fully confident on jumping on, if needed. All have been working so good

3. Life on the road can be a lot on a horse, how do you keep your horses healthy and feeling great?

Life on the road is hard on all of us lol.  We really focus on keeping the horses feeling as good as possible because I feel that’s the most important thing with rodeoing. I get them out of the trailer every 6 hours, and keep extra water buckets hung for them, put shavings down so they rest, wrap legs, keep PHTs on them….I massage them often, so they stay loosened up.

I spend time with them. I make sure to pay attention to how they might be feeling that day, do they need rest? Or do they need a few hours of riding? I feel it’s important to really know your horse and what they need. They get MVP Gastro Plex to keep their stomachs happy. I am also a firm believer in proper nutrition, for me and my horses and I believe that feeding Nutrena feed, Hay-Rite alfalfa cubes and MVP supplements have made a huge difference on how my horses feel. I know I feel better when I eat right so that shouldn’t be different for them. Also I try to remember to let them be horses!

4. You have trained many great horses not only for yourself but others like Hammer who Carlee Pierce rode in the 2012 NFR and Jana Bean rode in 2014 and 2015 NFR, so what do you focus on when starting your equine athletes?

Hammer was the start of it all and will always hold a special place in my heart, we have his half sister I am super excited about. I have been blessed to have trained a few great ones. I may take too long with one but I want them to progress on their own timing.

I really love the slot races, that excites me to maybe do a little more of that later. But that takes pushing one on a certain time frame and that’s different in my opinion than really focusing on making one specifically a rodeo horse. Don’t get me wrong there has been a ton of great futurity horses make rodeos horses, I’ve ridden several but for me to train one for rodeos and focus on that is different. I want them to go run outside more on all the different kinds of ground etc to see if they are going to handle that and all the hauling.

So I would say I focus more on what the horse can handle and put just enough pressure on them to help them to grow. We have finally got some young ones together that we own to train, I am excited to see what they can do.

5. In your training career have you found any specific characteristics that separate a good horse and a great one?

Well you can’t train heart, but to me they have to have the heart to give you everything they’ve got. So much changes in Rodeo, the set up, the patterns, the ground so they’ve got to be confident in themselves and have trust and be willing to go out there and be on the team.
The great ones for me have had so much ‘try’ and heart.

6. Through your barrel racing career is there one horse that stands out in your mind?

Truck is my guy and his heart and willingness to give me all he’s got every time. He just amazes me, I owe so much to him. But I have been incredibly blessed to train and/or ride some amazing athletes. They all hold a special place in my heart, I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to let them go, they truly become my partners.


7. You won Pendleton Round UP. What was it like to run on such a big pattern and how did you prepare for that?

That is the buckle I wear, simply because it reminds me that I have no fear…. if I can win that I shouldn’t be scared about any other run lol. I faced a fear that day and conquered it.
It was one of the most thrilling runs of my life. The most scared and excited at the same time, I’ve ever been. It also made a difference to me that it was on a 5 yr old that I trained, I was in tears, I was just so proud of her.

I didn’t have time to train for it, it was on my bucket list and I knew that little mare loved to run so I said let’s go for it. I showed her the field/arena that morning, trotted her to the walls and showed her where it was going to be and I told myself to ride like it’s just another run, keep it simple. But I did ride as hard as I could until I hit the dirt on each barrel and I do feel that’s important there.

8. How did it feel to qualify for your First NFR?

It was an explainable feeling. I remember we were at Pueblo, CO and my family from CO was there so it made it extra special. Martini won the Champion Challenge and it made us reach our goal number and we knew we were safe to make it. I cried and cried, it was like all that hard work and pushing so hard… we did it, we just did it.



9. What is your game plan for the 2019 NFR and how are you preparing for it?

As I answer this question we are about 5.5 hours from Vegas lol.

My game plan this year is to have fun, keep it simple and enjoy this amazing opportunity. It’s so easy to take things for granted by focusing on the wrong things. So this year my focus is on what I have control over, smile, and enjoy this process. I am blessed to have 4 really neat horses in the trailer going with me.

10. How do you stay focused and keep your horse calm in the alley way at the NFR?

This is THE question haha…. that’s what everyone doesn’t realize, it’s the craziest and most loud alley you will ever experience, with horses running right by you and the wagon. So, this is the main reason Truck stayed home…. he’s just not a great alley horse.

I do my best by going to every practice, walking them in and out, calming them and reminding them it’s a safe place. I do what each horse needs individually, one may need ear plugs, or one I may have to stay off for a little until I get closer to running. I try to do what makes them the happiest. But no matter what you do, it’s a high stress, loud situation and they get amped up so I am prepared for that and don’t let it distract me. 

I focus on my one thing on each horse, breathe, and remind myself to have fun and give it all we got. It’s important for me to not get too intense so I try to stay chill and remember it’s just another run.



11. Who is your biggest supporter and what does that mean to you?

Ty Hillman no doubt… lol he drives, saddles, rides, keeps me going in the right direction and keeps me on track. I truly could not do this without him. But all in all, my entire team is my support system. 

My friends and family who encourage me all year, my horse owners who believe in me and to my sponsors who believe in and support us through the ups and downs. I couldn’t do it without each and every member of the team. And last but not least my fans who send me messages that make me cry and encourage me to keep doing what I am doing They remind me WHY I do what I do. Thank you all. 


12. Thank you so much for doing this interview and I wish you good luck at the NFR! If someone would like to meet you at the NFR where can they find your appearance schedule?

Thank you!! You can see on my FB my signing schedule! Please come see me.
We should have that posted Monday or Tuesday.


Thank you very much Stevi Hillman for the great interview and being so honest with her answers!


That was just amazing. I have to say after talking to her to organize this, that she is
one of the nicest people!!

I am taking a few tips from this interview into my own barrel racing with my two up and
coming young ones!

The quote “Success leaves clues” is one of my favorites and there were definitely  clues left in this interview!!!

To check out Stevi Hillman’s Facebook Page click here.

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Stevi is the first one in this NFR series . . . I wonder who’s to come!!

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Happy Trails


Starting off the Futurity Season with Rylee Mckenzie

Hi everyone since the futurity 2020 season starts this week I thought it would be great to interview a futurity trainer Rylee McKenzie. Rylee has had success not only on the futurity circuit but in the rodeo arena as well.

I was very excited to do this interview for not only you guys but for myself as well! You see I have two coming 5 year olds for the 2020 season and I love to learn from people that have had success before me!! As many successful people have said before success leaves clues to follow.

If you want the truth I went to edit this blog and I ended up reading it over a couple times just for my own knowledge (had a nerd moment).

That’s enough of me rambling on.  Lets get to Rylee!  ** Read all the way to the end of this post and if you like it leave a comment about your own young horses**

A little about Rylee McKenzie. . .

I basically grew up on a horse. My mom was a barrel racer, and I always loved to be around the horses. As the years have progressed, so has my place in the industry, I went through the amateur ranks, made several finals in those associations, all the way to filling my pro card, and qualifying for the CFR.  From the CFR, I had a what’s next stage.

If you’d have told 18 year old me, I’d be training futurity horses, I would have laughed right away. But, I also believe in following the path laid for you. So here we are, 30 year old me, training futurity horses. And I love every moment of it. Some days I think “pinch me” I can’t even believe the horse power in my yard. I am forever grateful to my owners, who trust me with these great prospects, especially the ones who took a chance on me when I started to get this venture off the ground. 


1.  What is your favorite part of training horses?

The challenge. I love to discover what personality each horse has, it’s key to how you approach them as far as teaching them. I encourage the colts to be confident, and trusting. I also talk to them all like they are human. All my own nod their heads and shake their heads to agree or disagree. I appreciate that, it keeps the environment light. 


2. What would you say your riding style is?

When I was rodeoing full time;I would have said Aggressive. 

Since I’ve been on the futurity scene I have consciously had to revamp that habit. I have tried to stay quieter with my legs, and encourage the colts with my hands (like a jockey), over kicking or whipping on one. 

My riding style is complex, and trying to become adaptable. 


As for the horses, I just want them to run where I put them. Generally if they mess up, it’s because I didn’t show up for them that day. And honestly, that’s just part of it.


3. What is the importance of ground work in your program and what is an example of an exercise you do?

This is huge. Every single horse I have gets ground worked before I ever step on them. Basically if they are going to get themselves in a wreck I would prefer to step back to watch, rather than trying to ride them through it. I also use this to see where the horse is lacking, does it want to turn front end or hind end more, is it stiff in the neck, shoulders, ribs, etc, Does it hold its head high/low, flexed in or out? What’s its reaction to pressure? Does it flight, rear, spook, or attack? 

I like to teach them from the ground how I want them to move, how to handle pressure, how to relax regardless of their surroundings, and headset.

I recently shared on Facebook one of my drills with a whip where I rhythmically touch the horse with the whip, until it holds its feet still. 

However, my must do exercise is to lunge on speed control, and get the horse to roll back, towards me, to change directions. This gets the horse to engage the inside hind leg and follow through its rib cage. It also teaches them to “leave” a turn, again without panicking. 



4.Every horse is a little different but what do you focus on when starting a horse on the pattern?

Perfect circles. Large and small. I want their hips engaged, round in the ribs, and just a hair elevated in the front end.

If they can do a perfect circle they generally transfer over to the pattern pretty easily.  


I use the train track approach when starting them on the pattern. Repetition. 

I try to implement skills away from the pattern, to make them better on the pattern. 


5. What is your favorite futurity to go to and Why?

The Barrel Futurities of America (BFA).  My competitive spirit loves to be placed in a rink with the best. And that place has multiple horses, from the best in the world all aimed at a world championship. At a rodeo you only have to outrun one of those A-liners horses, at the BFA, you’re up against all of their barn. It’s great! 

Plus you have all the best trainers under one roof!! What’s a better place to learn?! 


As for Canada, they are more intimate for their size, and unique to the producers. I appreciate that, and think that’s what makes Canada special in all western events. So, I enjoy them all, for what each one offers. 



6. What do you look for in a futurity prospect?


Bloodlines. Good bone. And maturity. 


I have personal little quirks, I like a nice flat hip/back. Hocks to be equal to the knees. I can look past a crooked foot or flaw.  



7. What are some of your favorite bloodlines?

Frenchman’s Guy, Streakin Six, Dr nick bar, Martha Six Moons, Fire Water Flit , Page Lee, Jet Deck 


I’m lucky to have Jodi Hart breeding horses, she stays on top of what’s coming in the future. 2/3 are out of her program for 2020. I’m just lucky enough to actually own one of those two. 


8. What young ones do you have coming up for the 2020 season?


 Triple Fast Fling sired by a Streak of Fling 

Convincemeimonfire sired by Firewaterontherocks 

Epic Lickins sired by Epic Leader



9. Over the years is there one horse that sticks out in your mind?

Dr Nick Assured aka Dollar. 

Dollar, before his passing had me in a position to make the NFR. He gave me the reality of being able to get there. And that’s something that I think is pretty special. People used to run up to the fence and say “how fast will he be today” 

One day, I will have another as great as he was, and hopefully will complete that path set forth. 


10. Thank you so much for doing this interview! How can anyone get in contact with you for lessons or for training?


Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate it. For anyone wanting to send a horse for training, or lessons the best way is to contact me via my Facebook page. I try to stay on top of answering people. 


So I hope you loved that as much as I did!

It gave me ideas for my own horses and I hope it has helped you in some way too. I also want to say don’t be afraid to contact her. She gets back to you, is very nice and is easy to work with!!

To make it easy here is a link to her Facebook page or look up Rylee McKenzie. I would like to thank her for doing this interview and wish her luck in the 2020 season!!

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Bye for now!!


CFR Bound with Stacey and Kaye

Hi everyone. I was so excited when CFR barrel racing rookie of the year and 3rd over all in the standings, Stacey Ruzicka agreed to do this interview! Stacey and Kaye (her amazing partner) called me a while back to do a reading, little did I know they were CFR bound! As the reading went on Kaye kept giving me signs that something big was going to to happen and she was ready! Well it was my surprise they were CFR bound!

I hope you enjoy learning a little more about them and their journey to the CFR! I wish them luck at finals and will be cheering them on!

Comment what day you are going to the CFR or your favorite contestant in the CFR!!

Here I will stop talking and get right to the interview with Stacey!


Interview with CFR contestant Stacey Ruzicka!

A little bit about her!

I was born in Viking, AB and was raised with horses and cattle all my life. My uncle John team roped and I got into barrel racing around 5 years old and hanging out with him at Jackpots. My grandpa and uncle showed Percherons so I was in that area of horses in my mid teens showing at Calgary Stampede and while there always would rather be in the rodeo arena! LOL. 

My need for speed took over and my mom, Cathy took me to rodeos as a Junior and then I was hooked. I didn’t have a horse for quite a few years and then got back into it by going to jackpots and slowly started rodeoing again in 2010 here and there and the rest is history!d


What thoughts and emotions are running through your head as it gets closer to your first CFR?

My thoughts and emotions, well I am staying pretty content and just keeping her exercised and wanting her to feel her best.

Well holy shit, we made the CFR is what I’m thinking!

Tell about your great mare Kaye and the partnership you share?

Kaye and I have been together for 12 years.  I got her as a 3 year old from Melissa Anderson and she was raised by Colin Balan. She is my world, my everything! Without her making the CFR would not be happening! We won the LRA championship in 2015 and 2018 and were WRA season leader in 2015. Our partnership is pretty cool because we are pretty much exactly the same . . if I were a horse I would be like her and she like me as a person! Haha, she gets along with every horse we haul with and always jumps in the trailer.

We had a setback in her health and my finances in 2017 where I was going to sell her. Vets wanted to try injections and such and I knew my horse, that wasn’t her deal. She was depressed, overweight and I just knew there was something else. I couldn’t afford to inject her for thousands of dollars and see if that worked when I knew deep down she wasn’t sore. Long story short, my friend and vet Bailey Stanton helped me with her and Dr.Reneaud gave her a thyroid medication and we haven’t looked back. We went to winning again and she was Diane Skcodopoles’s back up for CFR last year.


How do you Keep Kaye feeling good down the road?

I keep her feeling good with my Hansbo products. They graciously sponsored me this year and she just loves the blanket and boots for hauling! I really feel they make a huge difference in keeping her comfortable.

When did you decide to go pro and was this season’s goal to make the CFR?

Well I guess going has always been in the back of my mind and I’ve been told for years by everybody but I just didn’t think that we were “there”, meaning that tough. After winning the LRA championship in 2018, you have the option to get your semi pro card instead of your semi pro permit and my boyfriend Kyle Rock gave it to me for Christmas and I texted my friends and said well I guess this means I have to go now that he spent the money! LOL. My goals, well, I just started going and was going to see what happened. I had no plan, just go with the flow and let things happen if they’re meant to be. My good friend Diane, who I was fortunate enough to travel with this summer a lot, told me at the beginning of the year to “trust the process” and I guess I did.

What has been your biggest challenge this year?

My biggest challenge this year was definitely the mud! We hate the mud. I don’t know who likes it but that definitely played a big part in getting cheques here and there.

What is your game plan going into the CFR?

My game plan going into the CFR is the same as I’ve been all year. It’s just another rodeo and you treat every one the same, you want to go do you best each time. One run at a time.


Who is your biggest supporter and is there anyone you would like to thank this year?

My biggest supporter would be my boyfriend Kyle,  without him pushing me to go I wouldn’t have gone this far. Another huge supporter was Diane Skocdopole, who I traveled with a lot. She used Kaye last your at the CFR and it’s a bond we have and it was really great to get to know her even more this year. Brooke Robertson is someone who has been in my corner for years and she will be the first person I call (even while still on my horse) when I  win or am leading a rodeo. I’m  not a crier but when this horse leaves the arena winning, it brings tears to my eyes because of everything we’ve gone through.

I would like to thank everybody for all the support by text, messages on Facebook and calls. It has been overwhelming the amount of people who are so excited for me and want us to do well. I am so grateful for everybody in my corner. The rodeo family is one of the best families of all!

Stacy and Kaye Would like to Thank their Sponsors!

Thank you to Stacy for doing this interview.

Ok I might be fan girling a bit but I really hope you liked that as much as I did! I love stories like hers because it proves that no matter where you are in life, you can follow your dreams.  You just have to start! This might be the kick in the butt some of you need to start doing what you love and what lights a fire in your belly.  It doesn’t matter when you start, only that you start!!

Whit’s Therapy wishes Stacey and the amazing Kaye all the best of luck and will be cheering them on every step of the way!

If you see Stacey at the CFR tell her that you saw this interview on Whit’s Therapy Website!

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Bye for now!!


DnA Quarter Horses, Saskatchewan Made

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s blog interview with Alanna Furseth from DnA Quarter Horses! DnA Quarter Horses is owned by Dallas and Alanna Furseth! I have really enjoyed both doing the interview and listening to what Alanna had to say! She also sent me lots of pictures of their babies and who doesn’t like looking at cute baby foals . . . I know I sure do!! 

They have more than just average challenges in their life but that does not stop them from breeding some really nice horses and running a successful business!

I hope you enjoy this interview like I did because I love what goes into making the superstars we call our partners!

Remember to read all the way to the end!



DnA Quarter Horses with Alanna Furseth!


About DnA Quarter Horses


Dallas and myself have always been involved with horses, but the breeding business was new but a fun business to get into. Dallas used to be a very successful bareback rider and I have just done the barrel racing scene. Dallas and myself got married in 2012 and were together a few years before that. We live on a small farm near Shaccietal Sk. Along side of running DnA Quarter Horses I am also a full time care giver for my husband.


How long have you been breeding Horses?

We started breeding horses in 2012.

What have been some challenges and what are your favorite parts?

Favorite parts

  • Foaling time
  • Seeing our program in action as 4 years old in the arena


  • Keeping injuries like small cuts to a minimum or not at all
  • Training to keep it together
  • Managing the business
  • Looking after my sick husband

Tell me about your Stud?

He is a sweetheart and gentleman. He has some old foundation lines. Cattle breeding with run.  He produces great minds and phenomenal confirmations

What do you look for in your foals?

Great confirmation, great minds and unique color or markings are just bonus features! Versatility, great feet and a kind eye.


Do  you have a favorite?

I don’t have a favorite as all have so much to offer our business and to bring to the table new and up and coming equine athletes!

Has their been one horse that has made a real impact on you life?

I have had many that have impacted my life to bring me to where I am today. They have taught me so much and I’m positive this is only the beginning with so much more to learn. My mare was a birthday gift and she has taught me so much and my gelding is home raised and has taught me even more!


How many mares do you breed right now?

Currently we are breeding 8 mares!


What are some of your foals from this year?

We had a couple grullos, a couple bays, a dun, and 2 browns. All running quarter horses and are qppendix.

Ok I am going to try and get your attention back after showing you all the cuteness! 

Alanna is an inspiration in my opinion because of what she has been able to accomplish with her business, her horses and being a caregiver. Most people never truly go after their dreams because they are scared. They make excuses about how it is not the right time and so on but in reality it is usually fear at the bottom of it! Alanna and Dallas are still chasing their dream and overcoming challenges with an amazing attitude.

I am happy to do this interview and thank her for doing it with me! 

If you want to get in touch with DnA quarter horses they have a Facebook page click here to visit it! 

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SEEK PEEK Next week blog post is all about the CFR . . . I might have interviewed the rookie of the year in the Barrel Racing hint hint!

See you guys next week.