"After that I wanted to be able to help my horses."

About Me

My name is Whitney McNinch and I love horses. I started my journey of working on horses about 6 years ago in 2012 but my eagerness to learn more about my horses stems from much earlier. When I was younger I was riding my barrel horse Jimmy, when all of sudden she went down and wouldn’t get up . . . She passed away within a few minutes. It was a huge shock. She was a healthy horse with no symptoms before that day. I miss her everyday . . . but after that I wanted to be able to help my horses. Which in turn started a journey that would lead me to some amazing people and do things I never thought I would do.
In 2012 I took an Energy Medicine for Animal Program. I absolutely loved it and felt I could help so many horses but that fall I was starting college in Environmental Sciences so my main focus was my schooling. I still worked on my own horses but didn’t have much time for anything else.
Then in January 2017 I was bored siting on my bed scrolling through Facebook when I clicked on a post by mistake . . . (oops) didn’t know the person who posted it but one my friends had shared it. It turned out to be a post about a Reiki course for horses. I didn’t know too much about reiki but a voice inside of my head was telling me “just go for it”. I thought I would be a little rusty with my energy work (#lifegetsintheway) but as soon as the course started I felt right at home. I have now completed Level 1 and Level 2 USUI Reiki.
I love what I had learned but I felt like there was a piece missing. At the end of 2017 I stumbled onto TruTouch Equine Therapy kind of in the same way as the Reiki. It was an amazing course and it helped me take everything I had learned and put it all together. Now I feel ready to help other horses as well as my own.
This is the short version of how Whit’s Therapy has come to be. I believe everything is a journey or adventure in life. I am not done learning and don’t think I will ever be . . . but that’s the beauty about our world. There is always something new to learn!!